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Why build the park?

There is a great need for more sports fields in Woodland and in Southwest Washington, especially fields with artificial turf allowing for extended season and year-round play. Not the primary reason, but another positive benefit to building the park in Woodland is the positive economic impact tournaments from the different sporting and other events that will be held at the park will have on Woodland, Clark and Cowlitz Counties.

What will the park do for Woodland?

Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex will give Woodland residents more opportunity for outdoor recreation and activity and to get involved in and/or play in team sports. Especially for youth, team sports help develop skills, character and friendships. The park, being in a central Woodland location, can be a community event and meeting space which helps build a stronger community. The park is being built on high ground and may also serve as a central disaster relief and command location. As a regional park with the ability to host large sports tournaments, Woodland and the surrounding areas in Clark & Cowlitz Counties will benefit economically from the many competing teams, friends and family visiting the park. Not only will adding a park and sports complex to the Woodland community add to the livability and quality of place in Woodland for current residents but make Woodland more attractive to potential businesses and residents.

What's different about Scott Hill Park?

Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex will have many sports fields with artificial turf and lights allowing for year-round play and extended hours of play. Scott Hill Park is a short distance (less than a 3 minute drive) with easy access from Interstate 5 and is conveniently located between Vancouver and Longview. In addition to being a large sports park, Scott Hill Park will have a walking trail with exercise stations, a large covered area, picnic areas, playground and open grassy areas for play - a great community park to be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Who will manage Scott Hill Park once it is built?

The Rotary Club will recommend an on-going management approach to the City, which will retain ownership of the Park. The City lacks the resources to take direct responsibility for the day-to-day management of the park and sports complex. Furthermore, the Rotary Club's initial information gathering on sports park management suggests that contracting management responsibility to a non-municipal entity is the preferred approach based on cost effectiveness, efficiency and availability of specialized expertise. Therefore, the Rotary Club's study and recommendations in this area will focus on specific strategies for contracting out management duties, whether to a for-profit or nonprofit organization.

Tell me about the park.

In 2010 the Rotary Club of Woodland chose as one of its goals, building a sports park in Woodland and while looking for property for the sports park, the City of Woodland purchased 45 acres of land on Scott Hill for the purpose of building a city park. In July 2013, the City of Woodland and the Rotary Foundation of Woodland signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which started the development of Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex in motion.

Dr. Ellis Johnson, Pearson Medical Clinic, Woodland, WA, who with his passion for the health and safety of our youth, donated his plan for a sports park to Rotary Club of Woodland. Dr. Johnson's sports park plan was enlarged to maximize the full use of the large 45 acres park site by adding additional sports fields and park amenities. The new and current conceptual design for the park was revealed in Spring 2013. Rotary Club of Woodland's vision for Scott Hill Park and Sports Complex as self-sustaining per the 2013 Conceptual Design includes: 4 baseball/softball fields (1 turf field), 6 possible soccer/lacrosse/youth football fields (1 turf field), 1 multi-use field, all inclusive play area, large 60'x100' covered area with restrooms, small 30'x40' covered area, walking trails with workout stations, field lighting, concession stand with restrooms, batting cage, picnic area, parking and donor recognition.

When complete, Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex will be able to host tournaments for the above mentioned sports with potential to add additional sports and other activities, such as concerts, festivals, gatherings, company parties, family reunions, sports clinics, etc.

With the lack of sports fields in the region, especially artificial turf soccer fields with lights, Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex will be able to help with this shortage. Scott Hill Park will present an opportunity for many to improve their health and fitness and is especially convenient through the park's direct connection to the large residential area in east Woodland.

What's special about Scott Hill Park?

Scott Hill Park is conveniently located in Southwest Washington between Vancouver and Longview with easy access to/from I-5 and will be the largest outdoor sports complex in Southwest Washington. Scott Hill Park, though located centrally in the city of Woodland, is on a large atheistically pleasing 45 acre parcel of land located at the top of Scott Hill, sheltered from the noise and hubbub of traffic below.

Where are we at in building the park?

The Scott Hill Park Project is currently in Phase 2 of 4 Phases of construction. Phase 2 is focused on renderings, permitting, and site preparation. Engineering for the Site Plan Review is underway. Upon City of Woodland's approval of the Site Plan, Scott Hill Park construction will move to the permitting and site preparation.
Ongoing fundraising includes working on government grants with the City of Woodland and Cowlitz County, seeking donations from private donors, businesses and foundations, and local fundraising events.

When is the park going to be done?

Park completion will depend on funding. All park expenses are paid as we progress, through donations and fundraising. The Rotary Club of Woodland will continue to collect donations and pledges and continue to fund-raise as we move through park construction. The Rotary Foundation of Woodland is in the process of seeking both public and private grants for construction of the park. The goal for completion of the park is 2020.

What is needed to complete the park?

A completed set of plans for development, project permits, and funding are needed to complete the park

Why isn't the City of Woodland building Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex?

The City of Woodland has been proactive in addressing the need for additional parks within the City by purchasing the 45 acre Scott Hill Park property and designating the property as park land. While the City officials would like to build the park as soon as possible, resources to do so are not available at this time. While Rotary Club of Woodland is taking the lead in raising funds and building the park, the City of Woodland is working with Rotary in identifying and applying for funding and in the construction of the park.

Why raise funds for a park when the Woodland Pool has not yet been built?

The Woodland Swimming Pool Committee is seeking to build the pool with donations from private donors, businesses and foundations and is working with the YMCA. The Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex Committee, while also asking for donations from private donors, businesses and foundations, are seeking government grants. The Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex will be a regional park serving Cowlitz and Clark Counties as well as both Washington and Oregon for tournament play, expanding the donor base. Both the pool and the park projects are meaningful projects to our community and each very different projects. Each of these projects address unmet health and recreation needs of individual youths and adults in our community and will be valuable assets to Woodland for years to come. The Rotary Club of Woodland believes there are funds available for both projects, each meeting different funding criteria for potential donors.

If Rotary was not involved in building Scott Hill Park, when would the City of Woodland be in a position to build the park and, if built by the City of Woodland, would the park include sports fields similar to Rotary's conceptual drawing of the park?

Discussion between Rotary's Scott Hill Park Committee and City Officials indicate the City would not be in a position to build Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex for quite some time and would not be able to build the park with the same amenities included in Rotary''s conceptual park design.
While parks and recreation are a responsibility of city government the revenues that support Woodland's city government are limited. The City of Woodland does not currently have funds available in the City budget to build Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex. While the City would like to build Scott Hill Park soon, the most immediate and pressing issue for the City is public safety. There are currently five developed parks in the City of Woodland. While the existing parks do not include sports fields, the City has been proactive in addressing the need for sports fields by purchasing the 45 acres at the top of Scott Hill for the purpose of building a park and sports complex.

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